April 2019 News

We would like to acknowledge the difficulties that many members have had in dealing with weather issues over this past winter/early spring—extreme cold, massive amounts of snow, flooding, hail storms, etc. It certainly takes a lot of resilience and determination to persevere in farming/ranching.

The HSS homepage has had a major make-over. It’s has become more user friendly and is more colorful and interactive. Several website sections and pages have also been reorganized to make them more appealing and easier to navigate.

The 2019 HSS Photo Contest is up and running. The theme for this year is “Cute Calves”, so with spring calving season in full swing there should be many opportunities to use your camera or smart phone to get some great photos. There are prizes for the first and second place winners (as voted by all HSS members). The contest guidelines are on the HSS 2019 Photo Contest Rules page. Entries are already being posted.

The April issue of The Progressive Cattlemen Magazine has been published, and the Heritage Shorthorn Society ¼ page ad (see ad below) is causing a noticeable increase in viewers to the HSS website. They are especially looking at the Breeder’s Ads, the Heritage Breeders/Members, Cattle for Sale, and Cattle Viewpoints Pages. Due to a mistake by Progressive Cattlemen Magazine (the HSS ad is not listed on the index page), Progressive Cattlemen will be rerunning this same ad in their next edition, at no additional cost to HSS. The background photo for the ad was provided by HSS member Ralph Larson. While this ad is targeted toward commercial beef producers, HSS has future ads planned in other publications which target the dual purpose aspects of Heritage Shorthorns and their usefulness in small family farms.

Progressive Cattleman Ad 4:1:19 copy.png

March 2019 News

The second Cattle Viewpoints article is now posted on our website. Each article in the Cattle Viewpoints section will highlight different perspectives on the cattle business, with each one written by someone who has extensive experience with cattle. This second Cattle Viewpoints article is authored by Mr. Gary Kaper.


Starting this month (March 2019) and running through mid May, HSS is sponsoring our second Annual Photo Contest. The theme of this year’s photo contest is “Cute Shorthorn Calves”, so get out your camera or look through your photo albums for your best Shorthorn calf pictures. The “Rules” for submitting photos, and more information on the contest will be posted within the next week on the Heritage Shorthorn Society website.

Reminder: We expect that there will be many more people viewing the Heritage Breeders and Ads pages on the HSS website after April 1, 2019. The April 1st issue of “Progressive Cattlemen” magazine (national circulation of 55,000) will include an ad promoting Heritage Shorthorns, which is paid for by HSS.

February 2019 News

The Heritage Shorthorn Society is instituting a new feature on our website called Spotlight on Members. One member ranch/farm will be featured each quarter to highlight a cross section of our members (some who are relatively new to Shorthorns and some who have had Shorthorns for multiple generations) to show the appeal and adaptability of Heritage Shorthorns. This new feature is currently located just above the Membership Page. The first members in this new feature are Dave & Diane Robertson located in Crocker, Missouri.

The Cattle Viewpoints Page has been moved higher in the website page listings and is now just above the Heritage Breeders Page.

January 2019 News

As HSS celebrates its first year of existence it might be worthwhile reviewing how far HSS has come during this past year. The HSS website has been viewed by individuals from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and over 60 countries with Canada, Australia, and the UK having the highest number of non-U.S. viewers. The HSS website is currently on the first page of web search results for people inquiring about Heritage or Native Shorthorn cattle. Ads promoting Heritage “Native” Shorthorns have been run in several publications with more to come. HSS has utilized several other venues to get information out to cattle breeders about Heritage Shorthorns and about the breeders who produce them. A large number of Shorthorn cattle have been sold through the HSS website ads and we hope this will continue.

A variety of new features were added to the website in 2018 with the most prominent being Dr. Bert Moore’s section highlighting historically important bulls & some cows, and including their extended pedigrees. He continues to add more bulls, so be sure to check his section periodically. (There is now a slightly different order of pages on the HSS website to make it more intuitive, and the heading for Dr. Moore’s section is “Historical Shorthorns”.)

Moving forward HSS is adding more new features to the HSS website. The first new 2019 feature is the “Cattle Viewpoints” section where interesting and informative articles will be presented on a bi-monthly basis. These articles will be authored by a variety of people and should be of interest to everyone. The first article, written by Roy Lovaas, is now on the website under the heading of “Cattle Viewpoints”, located just above “Monthly Highlights”.

A second new 2019 feature, offered quarterly starting in February, will be an interview style article featuring individual HSS members. Several members have asked for this feature so HSS has decided to move forward with it. Further details will be provided when the first member interview is featured next month.

December 2018 News

HSS ordered a second batch of 2019 calendars and currently we have a limited number still for sale. As a Xmas gift the HSS calendar will bring a smile to anyone’s face. The calendars can be ordered online via the Store Page, or by sending a note and check by mail. ($14.75/ calendar includes mailing costs.)

Starting in 2019 HSS will be initiating 2 different new online feature pages. The first one starting in January will feature articles about different aspects of the Heritage Shorthorn and cattle business written by prominent cattlemen. The second one starting in February will showcase individual Heritage Shorthorn Society members and how they are using heritage genetics in their cattle operations.

Merry Christmas.png

Check out the changing ads on the Cattle For Sale section. As HSS has grown so has the interest in the Cattle For Sale section. Remember members have free classified listings and will receive nationwide exposure for their sale Shorthorns.

HSS wants to thank all of our members for their support and words of encouragement during this first year for HSS. Without your support we would not be able to maintain the website and promote these terrific cattle. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

November 2018 News

The HSS custom calendars for 2019 are finally a reality. They are full size (81/2” x 11”), full color, spiral bound wall calendars which feature both historic and modern Shorthorn themed photos. The photos in this year’s inaugural calendar include many which were submitted by HSS members to the HSS Photo Contest. Photos include ones submitted by the following people:

Chris & Serena Blotter, Rich & Katie Forrest, John Hendrickson, Winifred Hoffman, Ralph Larson, Bert Moore, Dave & Diane Robertson, Joe Schallberger, Marcia Shaver, Stanley Ward, Katie & Shaun White

The pages in this calendar are guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face. The pictures below are a few sample pages from this 2019 Calendar.

Calendar Preview.png

All of the labor to design, format, & order these calendars was donated, so the price of the calendars reflects an amount barely over the total production and shipping costs. The calendars can be ordered for $14.75 each via the HSS online Store Page with payment online, or ordered via an email request to the HSS office, with payment by a mailed check.

This is also a good time to order Heritage Shorthorn vests, sweatshirts, and tote bags from the HSS Store page so they will arrive in time for Christmas gifts. All profits from the Store sales are dedicated to the HSS fund for running national Heritage Shorthorn promotional ads.

Many new ads have been posted in the last month on the various HSS Ads Pages. These pages continue to be the focal point of many visitors to the HSS website. Thanks to the increasing number of paid Breeder Ads, HSS expects to expand its national advertising budget for Heritage Shorthorns in 2019.

On January 1, 2019 HSS will publish the first of what will be bimonthly articles about different aspects of the Heritage Shorthorn business written by prominent cattlemen. We are excited about this new endeavor and believe members will find the articles quite interesting.