October 2019 News

“Butter Girl”

“Butter Girl”

Realizing that many of our website pages are slanted toward the Beef side of Heritage Shorthorns, we have decided to create some new pages that will feature information about Heritage Milking Shorthorns and Heritage Dual Purpose dairy-type Shorthorns. We expect to have some of this information ready to post by Nov. 1st. Also, the next Cattle Viewpoints Article will be about utilization of Heritage Milking Shorthorns in today’s dairy environment.

We hope you have been enjoying the HSS Cattle Viewpoints Articles. They always seem to inspire/provoke a discussion on the Steer Planet website, which helps spark more interest in Heritage Shorthorns. Thanks again to the authors who have contributed these articles. If you have an idea for an article or would like to write an article please contact the HSS office.

It seems to be a tough year for marketing cattle. Do you have Shorthorns for sale which you want to list on the HSS Cattle for Sale page? Just send us an email with the information that you want included in the ad—these ads are free to our members, and there is not a specific word count limit for the Classified ads (within reason). As mentioned in prior monthly newsletters, the Cattle for Sale Page and the Breeders Ads Page routinely get the most views, along with the Members/Breeders List Page.

Do you have your own ranch/farm website or Facebook page? When you are updating it (has it been quite a while since it was updated?), please consider adding a link to the Heritage Shorthorn Society website.

September 2019 News

The Cattle Viewpoints Page of HSS has a new article posted: “Black Noses on Shorthorn Cattle”. Are you curious about this “color quirk”? This interesting article is authored by Dr. Martin Lee who has delved extensively into Shorthorn history and lineages.

Old Touring car.jpeg

HSS has created a new page which will be featuring fun photos and advertisements from the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s. Once or twice a month we will be adding “new” old-time pictures—some humorous, some “nostalgic”, and some just quirky. Take a look on the HSS website for the “Pictures from the Past” Page, under “Interesting Pictures” in the website menu.

Our office periodically has inquiries from people who are interested in the health status of Shorthorn cattle with regards to Johne’s Disease and Bovine Leukemia Virus (BLV). If you test your herd for these diseases, HSS will now provide the option for our members to add this information to your Breeders/Members Page listing—“Tested for Johne’s Disease”, “Tested for BLV”. Just send us an email if you want this added to your farm/ranch information

August 2019 News

Meriville Penelope Anna

Meriville Penelope Anna

The “Spotlight on Members” Page changes quarterly. The new Spotlight posting features Winifred Hoffman and her daughters Miriam and Martha. Their background is with Milking Shorthorns, and their Shorthorn farm goes back several generations. One of the pictures in this article may look familiar since Winifred had the winning “Classic Photo” entry in our 2018 HSS Photo Contest, with a photo that shows her husband as a young boy. The “Spotlight on Members” Page is located under the Heritage Breeders/Members Section on the HSS website.

Earlier this summer HSS contacted the American Milking Shorthorn Society (AMSS) to see if they would be interested in discussing the possibility of HSS taking over their Native Shorthorn registration program. The reason that HSS inquired about taking over the AMSS Native program was to have a registration program that really benefited HSS members. HSS wanted to have a registration program which cost less, had less ”red tape”, and put customer/breeder service as its top priority. Unfortunately AMSS rejected the idea and was unwilling even to discuss this issue with HSS.

July 2019 News

A new article is now posted in the “Cattle Viewpoints” section—”Heritage Shorthorns’ Impact on World Cattle Breeds” . It is written by Dr. Bert Moore who is also the author of our extensive website section on Historic Shorthorns.

Members—do you have any Shorthorn calves, bulls, cow/calf pairs, or semen that you want to sell this summer or fall? Do you want to reach a nationwide audience? Send us a note with “the particulars” for free 3+ month listings on the HSS “Cattle for Sale” or “Semen for Sale” pages. Even better, send one or more photos to accompany the ad to make it more persuasive. (One-time $8/photo fee). Cattle for Sale continues to be the page visitors to the HSS website go to most frequently. Also on the Google search engine when someone searches under the heading “Shorthorns For Sale” the HSS Shorthorns for sale page is in the middle of the first page on Google. It is just another indicator of how many people are going to the HSS website.

Hobby Farms ad 6:2019.png

HSS has purchased an advertisement for Heritage Shorthorns in the most recent issue of “Hobby Farms”. Like our other ads in assorted print magazines, HSS is targeting a variety of potential niche markets for our members, whether full Heritage Shorthorns or Heritage influenced (part modern and part heritage parentage) Shorthorns, and whether in a commercial setting or in a small family farm. The attached picture is a copy of the 1/4 page ad.

June 2019 News

We would like to acknowledge the many difficulties that our members have had to deal with this spring, especially in the Midwest. We sincerely hope that everyone is able to get their crops planted and their livestock cared for as we move toward summer.

Um! Um! Good!, by Stanley Ward

Um! Um! Good!, by Stanley Ward

A big thanks to everyone who submitted photos and everyone who voted in this year’s HSS Photo Contest. The winner, by votes, is # 1. Um! Um! Good!, by Stanley Ward. The second place is a tie between # 2. What do you guys think? A Holstein? by Ralph Larson, and # 7. Can I have someone over for lunch? by Bert Moore. The first prize winner will receive a complimentary Heritage Shorthorn vest or sweatshirt, while the second places will each receive a Heritage Shorthorn cap or tote bag. (There was a 5 way tie for 3rd place—luckily we’re not giving prizes for 3rd!) All photos will remain posted for now, with the names of each person who submitted them.

A new category “Freezer/Locker Beef” has been added to the Member Listings options of what you typically have for sale. This category is to guide viewers of the HSS website to Member ranches/farms in each state if they are interested in purchasing local Shorthorn Locker Beef. If you want to add this category to your Breeders/Members Page listing, just send us a note.

HSS is now running an advertisement promoting Heritage Shorthorns in each quarterly issue of the Livestock Conservancy Magazine.

The June issue of The Stockman Grass Farmer magazine will be highlighting the Heritage Shorthorn Society in their Grazier’s Gear feature. A copy of this free promotion is attached below. HSS has paid to run a monthly listing in the Livestock Directory section of the Stockman Grass Farmer starting this July. A free copy of the magazine is available for any HSS member by calling the Stockman Grass Farmer office to request it: (800-748-9808).

Are you looking for ways to promote your cattle? For everyone who visits your ranch/farm, try giving them a Heritage Shorthorn brochure to take home with your ranch/farm contact information added on the back of the brochure. If you take cattle to any shows or sales, why not take some brochures along to hand out? These high quality, colorful handouts are designed to promote what you’re doing. They’re available to order from the HSS Store Page.

June 2019 Issue Stockman GrassFarmer

June 2019 Issue Stockman GrassFarmer

May 2019 News

Our second quarterly “Spotlight on Members” article is now posted and it features Dale & Laura Hart of Friona, Texas. Dale has been involved with purebred Shorthorns since 1948. He has obviously seen many changes over the past 70 years, but he is still committed to raising Dual Purpose Shorthorns.

A new article has also been posted on the “Cattle Viewpoints” Page. This article by Ralph Larson makes many good points about what traits to select for in your cow herd for a commercial setting, but it’s applicable to all cattle raising.

This has been a trying spring for many cattle breeders, but there is still time to snap some pictures of your spring calves &/or to look through family scrapbooks for photos for the HSS Cute Calves Photo contest. The deadline for submissions is May 14th, with member voting during the last half of May. There are prizes for the first & second place winners, so send in your pictures and captions.

Who's prettier--me or my calf?.jpeg

To continue national exposure of Heritage Shorthorns, there will be a press release article on the Heritage Shorthorn Society in the June issue of the Stockman Grass Farmer magazine. In addition, HSS is paying to have a monthly directory ad in this magazine for 1 year. The Stockman Grass Farmer magazine is devoted to the art & science of earning a profit from grassland agriculture, including grass fed cattle.