Shorthorn Breeders' Promotional Ads

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The Breeder’s Promotional Ads are in rotating alphabetical order by ranch/farm name.

(The order will be rotated periodically so that one farm is not always on the top)

Y Lazy Y Shorthorns

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DMH Cattle Company

DMH Ad 1:2019.png

Haumont Shorthorns

Haumont Shorthorns-July19.jpg

JLC Company

JLC Ranch 3:2019 Final.png

Misty Overlook Ranch

Robertson HSS Breeders Ad 2019.001.jpeg

Whispering Hills Farm

WHF 3:2019 ad.png

Members of HSS can post promotional online ads about their ranch/farm for a nominal fee.  (These ads are similar to 1/4 page and 1/2 page ads seen in a printed journal.)  See the Advertising Rates Page for pricing and ad characteristics.