Shorthorn CAttle for Sale

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Purchasers should inquire as to specific characteristics of any individual cattle that they are interested in such as Heritage/Native status, Registered, genetic tests, etc.

Listed 10/18/2018 Heritage/Native A2/A2 Cows, heifers, calves, and bulls (Idaho)

We are selling the last of our herd of Native Shorthorns, They have been A2/A2 certified by UC Davis. One 2 year old Bull, Five Cows (age range 3 - 7 years) with Calves (born Sept. & Oct.), One cow bred to calve in March, One 2 Year old Heifer, three Yearling Heifers. Their lineage is: Apache, Geraldine, Decoy, Susie, Lassie. Please call for more individual information and prices.

Contact: Gene 208-830-7982

Listed 10/17/2018 Bulls (Bull calf, and mature) (Iowa)

Bull Calf: Studer’s Foretold (x4268619), calved 3/5/2018. Roan, polled bull calf, Birth wt. 61 lbs. Sire: DMH Cherry Fillet Et Dam: DHM Goldendrop 29 Clean of all genetic defects

Mature Bull: DHM Charlotte's Chance (x4206192), calved 2/27/2014. Red, polled bull, birth wt. 65 lbs. Sire: DHM Minn Max Leader ET Dam: DMH Cherry Blossom 2901 Clean of all genetic defects

Contact: Dale Studer 641-344-8035

Listed 10/11/2018 Heritage/Native Bull (Montana)

Our bull is polled, red, and is double bred from Boa Kae Royal Oak. He was born unassisted on 1/25/2017. His registration number is x4248448. He was used on a small set of cows and heifers this summer. He will be semen and trich tested before the sale. Please contact us for more information.

Contact: Caleb Reichhardt (406)-491-6597

Listed 9/20/2018 Heritage/Native Bull (Florida)


I have a grandson of Kenmar President 26A for sale. He is white, polled, and 2 1/2 year old. Contact me for more information on this bull.

Contact: Zane Sunday 850-859-2543 (leave message if no answer), or email:

Listed 9/12/2018 Heritage/Native Yearling Bulls (Minnesota)

We have (5) Heritage “Native” Shorthorn yearling bulls for sale, each of which is sired by a different rare Classic Bull. They are all polled. Please see our Breeder’s page ad (DMH Cattle Co.) for further information. We also have one horned yearling bull for sale.

Contact: Dennis Hoffrogge 507-227-5745

Listed 9/3/2018   Heritage (Native) 2 year-old bull  (Iowa)

Heritage (Native) pedigree 2 year-old bull,   Mapleton Lilac L Gus M3D x4249273 (ASA).   DNA tested, genomically enhanced EPDs, TH, PHA and DS free.   Proven calving ease, vigorous calves, very sound, excellent feet.   (See photos & additional information on our Mapleton Shorthorns Breeder's Ad).

Contact:  Bert Moore     (701)-541-5035


Listed 9/1/2018    Bulls & Heifers   (Nebraska)

100% Native/Heritage,  Dual Purpose,  Dual Registered Cattle for Sale.  See our ad (Haumont Shorthorns) on the Breeder's Ad Page

Contact:  Kevin Cooksley   (308)-872-2617      Email:

Listed 8/30/18     Heritage/Native Cows for Embryo Flushing 

We have 2 high quality Heritage/Native Cows that are available for embryo flushing with the semen of your choice in the Spring of 2019.  (These donor cows are not for sale.)  See our (Idalee Farm) Breeder's Ad Page for full details.

Contact:  Martin Lee   (208) 539-3238 or (208) 539-4104

Listed 8/25/18       2018 Heritage/Native Heifers    (North Dakota)

8-10 quality Registered Heritage/Native 2018 Shorthorn heifers for sale. Range raised.  They will be weaned this fall.  Can keep till April 1st 2019.   All colors--Red, white, and Roan

Please call:   Chris & Sarena Blotter   (701) 460-7910.     Email:

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Listed 8/24/2018   Registered Heritage/Native Bulls   (Nevada)

5 Heritage/Native Shorthorn yearling (15-16 mo.) bulls to pick from. All are registered Native. Three are homozygous A2/A2 and homozygous polled.  The other two are A1/A2 & polled.   

  Call: Jack Barnes 775-867-3655, or email:

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Listed 7/23/2018   2018 Bull Calves     (Montana)

We are sold out of yearling bulls, but we do have some outstanding 2018 bull calves for sale.  Some of the calves are out of YY Dover’s Drummond 603D.  Most of our females are already spoken for.  Contact us for details on what is available.

Contact:  Ralph Larson     Phone: 406-360-3793      Email:

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