Shorthorn CAttle for Sale

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Note:   Members of the Heritage Shorthorn Society can post a free, 3 mo. classified ad (without photos) of Shorthorn cattle that they have for sale.   One or more photos can be added to the ad for a small fee.   A more extensive ranch/farm promotional ad with photos can be posted on the Breeder's Ad page.   (Non-members can post Cattle for Sale ads by becoming a member for the $35.00 membership fee.)  

To place an ad, send us the information that you want posted at:

Purchasers should inquire as to specific characteristics of any individual cattle that they are interested in such as Heritage/Native status, Registered, genetic test results, etc. All of the cattle for sale are Shorthorns, but not all are qualified as Heritage/Native.

Renewed 8/8/2019 Heritage/Native Bull (Minnesota)

DMH Minn Snowflake (ASA 4256971) is a Polled Heritage/Native bull that is homozygous for the A2 protein gene. He is sired by Kinnaber Leader 6th and was born on 4/31/2017. Easy-going temperament.

Contact: Dennis Hoffrogge 507-227-5745

DMH Minn Snowflake

DMH Minn Snowflake

Listed 8/8/2019 Shorthorn Bull Calves (Oregon)

Whisper Cole Polled, BD: 2/17/2019 BW: 81#

Sire: HHKA Buttercup Prince 20th ASA Reg. 3544235

Dam: Whisper Dixie Bell ASA Reg. 4257575

Whisper Cole is from extremely rare genetics. His sire Buttercups Prince is from the famous Hub’s herd and is also the sire of Hub’s Director. Cole’s dam is a first calf heifer with excellent size, great maternal instincts, and a terrific udder. Cole should make an outstanding versatile herd sire. He is a “Heritage Influenced” bull.

Whisper Cole

Whisper Cole

Whisper Cole

Whisper Cole

Whisper Traveler 11L Homozygous Polled BD: 4/18/2019 BW: 70#

Sire: Rosa’s Commands 05 ASA Reg. 4105871

Dam: Whisper Beatrice 13J AMSS Reg. 68322652

Whisper Traveler

Whisper Traveler

Traveler is a Heritage “Native” Shorthorn with a unique/rare pedigree. His sire Rosa’s Commands was used successfully in both purebred and custom meat markets. His dam is sired by Boa Kae Royal Oak and is a first calf heifer with outstanding maternal characteristics. Traveler should be safe to breed to heifers with his low birth weight. He is thick in his makeup with outstanding structure, He got his name because he was an extremely vigorous calf. He was up nursing 10 minutes after he was born and was off running the fields within 30 minutes.

Contact: Joe Schallberger 503-704-2408

Listed 7/6/19 Shorthorn Cattle (Montana & Ohio)

At Y Lazy Y Shorthorns we focus on optimum rather than maximum performance across many traits to produce cattle that work in the real world—”No Illusions”. Please see our ad (Y Lazy Y Shorthorns) on the Breeder’s Ads Page for further information.

Contact: Ralph Larson 406-360-3793

Renewed 7/5/2019    Bulls & Heifers   (Nebraska)

100% Native/Heritage,  Dual Purpose,  Dual Registered Cattle for Sale.  Please see our ad (Haumont Shorthorns) on the Breeder's Ad Page for further information.

Contact:  Kevin Cooksley   (308)-872-2617      Email:

Renewed 6/26/2019 Polled Shorthorn Cattle (Missouri)

Grass fed, dual registered Heritage/Native Shorthorn Cattle. See our (Misty Overlook Ranch) ad on the Breeder’s Ads Page.

Contact David or Diane Robertson (573)-286-6925

Renewed 6/1/2019 Heritage/Native Cattle (Minnesota)

We have Heritage “Native” Shorthorn cattle for sale, sired by different rare Classic Bulls. Please see our ad (DMH Cattle Co.) on the Breeder’s Ads Page for further information.

Contact: Dennis Hoffrogge 507-227-5745

Renewed 5/23/2019 2 yr. old Heritage Bull (Nevada)

We have a Heritage Bull (2 yrs. old) for sale which is homozygous polled and homozygous A2. “JBarJ Royal Gem”. Our other 2 yr. old Heritage bull has been sold.

Contact: Jack Barnes (775) 294-9357

J Bar J Royal Gem

J Bar J Royal Gem

Renewed 5/5/2019 Heritage/Native Bulls (Minnesota)

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DMH Pearl’s Dynamo (ASA 4253258) was sired by Weston Dynamo. This Heritage/Native bull was born in the summer of 2017 .

Call for more information: Dennis Hoffrogge 507-227-5745

DMH Pearl’s Dynamo

DMH Pearl’s Dynamo

Listed 5/1/2019 Heritage Coming-Yearling Bull (Connecticut)

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This roan young bull was born on born 9/11/2018. He is Native/Heritage, polled, and registered. Please call or email for more information.

Contact: Rebecca McLean (860)-550-4205



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Renewed 3/16/2018 Purebred Shorthorns (Montana)

DIAMOND K SHORTHORNS Purebred Shorthorns for sale. Bred females, and males. Old and rare as well as new genetics. Twin Bridges, Montana. For more information, please call.

Contact: Wally Klose 406-684-5414

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