Benefits of Membership

 (American and international)

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  1. You will be helping to promote the breeding and nation-wide (& international) marketing of the attractive and versatile Heritage/Native Shorthorn cattle.

  2. Place classified cattle and semen ads on the HSS website for free. The HSS website is the world wide Number 1 search site for people interested in Heritage Shorthorns.

  3. Place a colorful ranch/farm promotional display ad on the HSS website for a nominal fee.

  4. Members can use the HSS logo in their ranch/farm advertisements in assorted cattle magazines for added recognition of their Heritage Cattle.

  5. Members will receive a membership certificate, and also 2 HSS logo stickers (1 magnetic, and 1 adhesive), plus 5 free promotional brochures about Heritage Shorthorns. The brochures can be personalized with your farm name and contact information to hand out to prospective buyers at local fairs & sale events, etc. (Additional brochures can be ordered online from the HSS Store Page.

Becoming a Member 

1.    Fill out and submit the membership form (below).  It can be done over the internet, or sent via regular mail.   **Please click on the Submit Application button before making an online payment.  (For those who are renewing a membership, please indicate any changes in contact numbers or email addresses.) 

2.    The fee for residents of the USA is $35 for the first year, then $25/year renewal.   Make check payable to:  Heritage Shorthorn Society, and mail to: 6515 Kurtz Rd.,  Dallas, OR 97338.  Or click on the button at the bottom of this page to pay by credit card via the internet.

3.    International Membership.  International members are welcome and can place free Ads about their Heritage Shorthorn Cattle or Semen, or Heritage-influenced Shorthorn Cattle that are for sale. International members can also place large ads which highlight their Ranch or Farm (see fees for large ads on the Ads Rates Page).    International membership is $35.00 USD, for the first year, and then $25.00 USD/year for renewals. Please pay online by following the link below after filling out the membership application.

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Membership Application Form

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** For New Memberships: please click on “Submit Application” Button prior to making an online payment.