Magazines, CAttle ASsociations, & other links

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Print Magazines

  • Shorthorn Country  (Published from mid-1980’s until now)
    Focuses primarily on Beef Shorthorns and Shorthorn crosses.
  • Shorthorn World  (Published from 1941 until 1985)
  • Shorthorn World and Farm Magazine  (Published from 1906 until 1941)
  • Milking Shorthorn Journal
    Primarily dairy oriented, but also occasionally has Heritage/Native Shorthorns.
  • Canadian Shorthorn Report

CAttle Associations

Other resources

  • Oklahoma State University cattle breeds
    This site has an extensive online reference library for cattle breeds around the world.
  • Livestock Conservancy
    Their mission is to protect endangered livestock and poultry breeds from extinction.
  • SVF Foundation
    They preserve germplasm (semen and embryos) from rare and endangered breeds of food and fiber livestock.
  • The Shorthorn Bulletin     Bi-monthly newsletter that discusses topics of interest to all Shorthorn breeders.  This site also has a page of photos of many HS bulls.   
  • Shorthorn Select Semen     Semen sales and information on current and old Heritage Shorthorn bulls.