Shorthorn Cattle Wanted

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Note:    Anyone who is looking for Heritage/Native Shorthorn cattle to purchase can post a renewable 3 mo. classified "Wanted" ad, even if not a Society member.   This service is free to members, but has a fee of $25.00 for non-Members.  To pay for an ad (Click here) or to become a member, click here.   Contact us with the information for your ad:

**Purchasers should inquire as to "Heritage" or "Native" status, and other specific characteristics of any individual cattle that they are interested in.

Renewed 5/1/2019     Wanted:  A2/A2 Milking Shorthorns     (East Coast)

Wanted:  Heritage/Native Milking Shorthorn Dairy cows or bred heifers.  Certified A2/A2. Registered. Cows will be in a grass-fed, hand milked small dairy. (Customers are waiting now.)

Contact:   Linda Uihlein     (434)-973-6015    Email:

Little Owl Natural Farm,  Free Union, VA