Heritage Shorthorn CAttle for Sale or wanted

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HS Cattle for Sale

*Members of the Heritage Shorthorn Society can post a free, 3 mo. line ad (without photos) of HS cattle that they have for sale.   A photo can be added to the line ad for a small fee.   (A more extensive promotional ad with photos can be posted on the Farm Ad page.)   (Non-members cannot post Cattle for Sale ads, but can post Cattle Wanted ads--see below.)    Contact us with the information for your ad:  office@heritageshorthorn.org


HS Cattle Wanted

Anyone who is looking for Heritage Shorthorn cattle to purchase can post a renewable 3 mo. classified "Wanted" ad, even if not a Society member.   This service is free to members, but has a fee of $25.00 for non-Members.  To pay for an ad (Click here) or to become a member, click here.   Contact us with the information for your ad:   office@heritageshorthorn.org