Shorthorn CAttle for Sale or wanted

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Purchasers should inquire as to specific characteristics of any individual cattle that they are interested in such as Heritage/Native status, Registered, genetic tests, etc.


Shorthorn Cattle for Sale

Listed 6/4/2018    5  Yearling Heifers   (Utah)

We have 5  (2017) Registered Native/Heritage heifers for sale from our beef herd.  2 are polled and 3 are horned (dehorned).  All have had Calfhood vaccines.  They are exposed to a heterozygous polled,  A2/A2 bull starting June 2nd.

Contact:   Darren Wold or Gene Hiibner   (435)-752-9237     Email:

Listed 6/3/2018    Bulls & Heifers   (Nebraska)

100% Native/Heritage,  Dual Purpose,  Dual Registered Cattle for Sale.  See our ad on the Breeder's Ad Page

Contact:  Kevin Cooksley   (308)-872-2617      Email:

Listed 5/17/18       2018 Heifers    (North Dakota)

6 registered heritage/native 2018 Shorthorn heifers for sale. They will be weaned in the fall.  Can keep till April 1st 2019.   All colors--Red, white, and Roan

Contact:   Chris & Sarena Blotter   (701) 460-7910.     Email:

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Listed 4/25/18       Herd Sire    (Montana)

YY Adam 294A    This 5 yr. old bull sires exceptional females that can in turn be bred to the type of bulls geared  for feedlot performance in terminal calves.  His traceable pedigree consists of nothing but sound, functional, high maternal Shorthorn genetics—we strongly feel that the female side of the equation is key to success for the commercial producer.  Recent average BW for his sons was 84 lb.  Carcass & breeding data available on request.  (In-herd semen rights retained.)

Contact Ralph by email:; or cell: 406-360-3793.

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Listed 4/23/18        Yearling Bulls      (Montana)

YY Baron of Elmo 718E     His dam is a very productive 9 year old, who was in turn out of cows that were productive well into their teens.  His line has been selected for overall structural soundness, good udders, and docility, in addition to longevity.  While he is not a registered Heritage Shorthorn, he is a Purebred Shorthorn whose pedigree includes Heritage bloodlines.  Pedigree, Carcass data, and Breeding Soundness Exam data are available on request.  Sire is YY Adam 294A.

We have additional yearling bulls for sale with similar breeding & characteristics.  Please call for additional information.

Contact:  Ralph Larson     Phone: 406-360-3793      Email:

Listed 4/16/18          3 Yearling Bulls for Sale        (Ohio)

Three extremely nice coming yearling Heritage Shorthorn bull calves with outstanding pedigrees.  All 3 are out of first calf heifers and are true Dual-Purpose bulls.  Can be dual-registered. They are very hardy and have been raised under natural conditions with no creep feed.   All have calm dispositions.  Sire and dams on site.

Calf #1:   Beautifully marked roan, excellent growth with natural thickness.  Polled Born April 2017.

Calf #2:   Red/White with good growth. Homozygous polled.  Born April 2017

Calf #3:   Dark Red with good growth and eye appeal.  Polled Born May 2017

Contact:   Joe Cavanaugh     phone 740-317-8034  or email:


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