"Classic Bulls"

Prominent Heritage (Native) Shorthorn Bulls Born 1950 to 1985


To help familiarize people with the genetic background of Modern Shorthorns, the Heritage Shorthorn Society is furnishing brief summaries, pictures, and pedigree links of many of the important Heritage Shorthorn bulls that were born between 1950 and 1985.  Early research utilizing frozen semen in cattle breeding took place in the 1930’s and 1940’s but became more accessible to cattle breeders after 1950.  Semen is still available on most of the bulls listed below; however HSS is not aware of any Shorthorn semen produced before 1950 that is available today.  (Additional bulls from the "Classic" period will be added over time.)   Information on more recent bulls (born after 1985) is readily available from various sources.

For those who are Shorthorn history buffs there is much more information available on these bulls through many of the books listed on our Book Reference Page,  old “Shorthorn World” magazines (many of which can be accessed through Google),  "Steer Planet" website key word searches, and/or direct internet searches.  

Information on individual bulls is posted alphabetically below, after the index.  The tan registration numbers in the information section are clickable links to ASA pedigrees.

  • Abraham # 3587118

  •    Acadia Champagne 3       # 3543970

  •    Boa Kae Royal Oak            # 3414611

  •    Butte Lee Leader 45th      # 3435102

  •    Butte Lee Leader 63rd     # 3402390 

  •    Clark                                  # 3534244

  •    Columbus                         # 3540006

  •    Crestdale Super Flag 14G #3715259

  •    Crestdale Super Flag 16G  #3645184

  •    Four Point Major                #3548630

  •    Glen Knolls Monarch         #2292493

  •    GX Spiro’s Plumber 528    # 3633163

  •    HHKA Buttercups Prince 20th

    • #3544235

  •    Hilldale Commander          # 2921415

  •    Hilldale Geronimo             # 2972208

  •    Hub's Director                   # 3596098

  •    JAF Major Duke 78           # 3674390

  •    KC Clipper Duke               # 3325520

  •    Kenmar Leader 13B          # 3464086

  •    Kenmar President 26A     # 3411494

  •    Kinnaber Leader 6th        # 3425151

        Kinnaber Leader 9th        # 3457203

  • LaFraise Duke 3rd # MS79581

  • Lone Pine Grand Society #3522503

  • Mandalong Super Elephant #3610693

  •    Mandalong Super Flag       # 3521872

  • Meadowbrook Chieftain 9th #3540863

  •    Meadowbrook Prince 16th  #3594057

  •    Melbros Stronghold            # 3533466

  •    Merriwong Smuggler         # 3522502

  •    Mollie’s Defender Adair      #3668667

  •    Nelco McLeod                     #3664994

  •    Pleasant Dawn Seal 2nd     # 3358731

  •    Promise L Par ’71 2nd          # 3471502 

  •    Roan Harvest Duke            # 3557467

  •    Scottshill Major Clark        # 3536807

  • Smallflower Leader 2nd # 3407739

  •    Spiro                                   # 3534243

  •    Spruce Hill Image               # 3700761

  •    TPS Coronet Leader 21st  # 3098353

  •    TPS Coronet Leader 61st   # 3261776

  •    Tea for the Tillerman         # 3582798

  •    Thornwood Major              # 3538036

  •    Wexvale Polar Bar Prince   # 3769061 

**The pictures of the "classic" bulls in these write-ups vary in clarity because the original photos were often small &/or of poor quality.** 

Abraham copy.jpg


Registr.  #  3587118             Birth date:    1976

         Sire:       Columbus     # 3540006

         Dam:     Thornwood Royal Dot    #  297556 


Abraham is a a Graham Land & Livestock Company bull.  His dam is the famous Thornwood Royal Dot who is also the dam of Thornwood Major, listed in our semen inventory.  His sire is Columbus who is also listed in our semen inventory.  Abraham was used extensively in the early 1980’s with a long list of registered offspring.  He was a large (2400#) bull that combined depth, smoothness, and muscle.  He was truly a dual purpose bull bringing milk and beef together.


Acadia Champagne 3

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 2.33.04 PM.png

Registr.  # 3543970             Birth date:     (Approx. 1976)

          Sire:      MELBROS STRONGHOLD     # 3533466

          Dam:     MAUD CORONITA OF ACADIA 3     # 3464570

Acadia Champagne 3 is a son of Melbros Stronghold and he was a National Carcass bull Champion.  He has a tremendous linebred pedigree incorporating Weston breeding and Killearn Max Juggler multiple times in his pedigree.  Acadia was a very thick bull in the 2200#  range.  He was used for many years in the Woodside herd in Pennsylvania with great success--he sired many show and sale winners for the Woodside farm. 



Boa Kae Royal Oak

Registr. # 3414611           Birth date:     4/14/1963

          Sire:    ARIG WHITE CLOUD     # C381351

          Dam:  CARIG MAUD 103RD    # C467687


Boa Kae Royal Oak comes from the Canadian herd of Berwyn & Lita Wise.  He was used extensively by W. T. Bennett (Hilldale herd in Washington) crossing him on Hilldale Commander and Hilldale Geronimo daughters.  His daughters have excellent udders and are very smooth muscled. Structurally he carried a lot of muscling without the fat of many bulls of his time.  The Shorthorn World 1972 Herd Bull issue carried an ad by the Urice Bros. regarding Boa Kae Royal Oak where Al Wright (managing partner of Trademark Herefords) said "he is the largest, most correct and best Shorthorn bull I have ever seen...very heavy muscled."


Butte Leader 45th.jpg


Registr. # 3435102             Birth date:    04/16/1966

          Sire:    TPS CORONET LEADER 21ST  # 3098353

          Dam:    BUTTE LEE PANSY 3    # C548790 


Butte Lee Leader 45th was a Canadian bull that sired the top individual and top gaining group at the Douglas, Manitoba test station in 1970.  He comes from the famous Canadian herd of A. E. Philpott of Central Butte, Saskatchewan.  His pedigree is laced with famous productive Canadian Shorthorn genetics.


Butte Lee Leader 63rd.jpg

Butte Lee Leader 63rd -- "Tiny Tim"  

Registr.  # 3402390             Birth Date:   Approx. 1965

          Sire:   TPS CORONET LEADER 21st    #3098353

          Dam:    Butte Lee Flo     #C531835


Nicknamed “Tiny Tim”, Leader 63rd was actually quite a large bull for his time.  He was a heavily muscled bull that came from the A. E. Philpott herd located in Central Butte, Saskatchewan, Canada.  His dam traces to the Carona Fascination bull that was in the pedigrees of many of the best Shorthorns of the time.  Leader 63rd was medium framed but brought “a lot to the table”.




Registr. # 3534244                Birth date     04/20/1967

        Sire:     SCOTTSHILL MAJOR CLARK   # 3536807 

        Dam:     MARCIA VENUS   # MS312500


Clark was a large framed bull that tended to the dairy side of Dual Purpose Shorthorns that was bred by the Graham Land & Livestock Co. of Minnesota.  He was an extremely popular bull of the late 1970’s and early 80’s utilized by many Shorthorn breeders to move away from “belt buckle” (small) cattle and return to more normal standard size Shorthorns.  A search of modern day Shorthorn pedigrees will show the influence of Clark.




Registr. # 3540006           Birth Date    10/17/1969  

        Sire:    SCOTTSHILL MAJOR CLARK   # 3536807

        Dam:   GUCKIAN'S BETSY PET DAWN   # 3536808


Graham Land & Livestock of Waverly, Minnesota were also the breeders of Columbus.  He was a leading sire of both performance and show cattle in the early 1970’s.   His offspring included Grand Champion bulls and females at the National Western, Canadian Agribition,  North American Expo, and the Polled Shorthorn Congress.  He had a mature weight of 2450# and his calves had excellent rates of growth.  Milk production and udders were very good in his daughters.  Columbus was a complete breeding bull.


Crestdale Super Flag 14G.jpg

Crestdale Super Flag 14G

Registr. # 3715259              Birth Date:   04/18/1975

         Sire:    MANDALONG SUPER FLAG     # 3521872

         Dam:   CRESTDALE MAUD VERA 4B    # C594931


Crestdale Super Flag 14G was purchased at the Regina, Saskatchewan Bull Sale for $41,500.00 by a syndicate of 5 breeders in 1977.  He went on to be Grand Champion Beef Shorthorn Bull at the 1980 World Shorthorn Congress in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Probably his most famous son is another Canadian bull-Manitoba Sunrise.  14G weighed 2700# as a 3 year old.


Crestdale Super Flag 16G.jpeg

Crestdale Super Flag 16G

Registr. # 3645184               Birth date   (Approx. 1977)

        Sire:    MANDALONG SUPER FLAG   # 3521872

        Dam:    LUCY BELLE   # C568580


Crestdale Super Flag 16G is a Canadian bred Mandalong Super Flag son that sold at the Regina bull sale in 1977.  His mother was a super cow that was true Dual Purpose breeding tracing back to British Dairy Shorthorn breeding.



Four Point Major

Registr. # 3548630             Birth date:    05/04/1966

          Sire:     BALL DEE PERFECT COUNT  # 3473586  

          Dam:    NUPAR MISS LEA  # C518211


Four Point Major (known as Massive Major to many breeders) weighed in the 2600-2700# range. What set him apart was his ruggedness, size, thickness, and longevity.  In some ways he was a bull ahead of his times.  His daughters were especially good with excellent udders. 


Glen Knolls Monarch x.jpg

Glen Knolls Monarch

Registr. # 2292493           Birth Date:   10/6/44

            Sire:  Collynie Monarch   # 2103733

            Dam:  Miss Perfection    # 1783529


He was a dark roan, polled bull that sold in 1946 for $4000 to Lynnwood Farm in Carmel, Indiana.  His picture was used as a representation of the "Ideal Shorthorn", and it was part of the logo for the Polled Shorthorn Registry Certificates.   (Because he was born prior to 1950, he will be "moved" to the Historical Shorthorns section of this website as it's developed).

Polled Shorthorn Registration Certificate (top).jpg



gx spiro copy.jpg

GX Spiro’s Plumber 528

Registr. # 3633163     Birth Date:  11/18/1975

          Sire:   SPIRO    #3534243

          Dam:    MISS SPRINGFIELD 2ND  #3540013


He was sired by Spiro who was undoubtable the most muscled of all the Graham bulls in the early 70’s.  His dam is Miss Springfield  2nd, who was a tremendous cow for the Grahams.  She incorporated the best genetics of the time as a linebred cow.  Her genetics include Scottshill Major Clark on both sides and the famous Thornwood Royal Dot cow who was also the dam of Abraham and Thornwood Major.  In addition she is the grand dam of Albo.


H. H.K.A. Buttercup's Prince 20th.jpeg

HHKA Buttercups Prince 20th

Registr. # 3544235        Birth Date:  8/17/1967

    Sire:  MYSHA PRINCE ALBERT 2ND  # 3557469

    Dam:  HHKA BUTTERCUP  # 280656


HHKA Buttercups Prince 20th was bred by Hub’s Shorthorns of Norton,  Kansas.  He is a linebred bull that through his sons, such has Hub’s Director and Hub’s Exceptional, he has had a significant impact on the Shorthorn breed.  He presents true dual purpose characteristics both in his genotype and phenotype.


Hilldale Commander.jpg

Hilldale Commander

Registr. # 2921415            Birth date:    (Approx. 1956)

          Sire:     HILLDALE COLLYNIE 60TH  # 2631065

          Dam:     HILLDALE MAY 3D   # 2292396


Hilldale Commander was bred by J. W. Bennett of Oakville, Washington who owned the Hilldale herd.  Commander was never defeated in a show—as a 2 year old he capped his show career by being named Grand Champion bull at the the P. I. show (Pacific International) in 1959. One of his sons (Hilldale Commander’s Hero) was Grand Champion National Polled Shorthorn in 1965. Cattle out of him were top gainers and good carcass cattle.  He sired many champions at major shows and consignment sales.  His daughters were big cows that made tremendous brood cows—smoothly muscled, and great milkers with good clean udders.


Hilldale Geronimo.jpg

Hilldale Geronimo

Registr. # 2972208              Birth date:   03/24/1958

          Sire:    HILLDALE COLLYNIE 60TH   # 2631065

          Dam:    HILLDALE DOROTHY 6TH  # 2657196 


Hilldale Geronimo also came from the W. T. Bennett Hilldale herd at Connell, Washington.  He is half brother to the Hilldale Commander bull as they both have the same sire.  Structurally he is very similar to Hilldale Commander but overall perhaps slightly smaller.  During his time he was used on more commercial cows than any other beef bull at All West Sires.

Hub's Director.jpeg

Hub's Director

Registr. # 3596098          Birth Date:  4/24/1975

      Sire:   HHKA Buttercups Prince 20   ASA # 3544235

      Dam:  HHKA Fantastic  ASA #  3557460


Hub’s Director was the epitome of a true dual purpose bull.  His dam (HKKA Fantastic) was literally a fantastic cow who was productive through her 16th year with 11 registered offspring.  Hub’s Director was used extensively in many Shorthorn breeding programs in the USA and Canada.  He had excellent smooth natural muscling that was transmitted to his sons and daughters.  


JAF Major Duke.jpeg

JAF Major Duke 78

Registr. # 3674390            Birth date:  09/02/1978

          Sire:    THORNWOOD MAJOR  # 3538036

          Dam:    WEXVALE BONNIE LOIS   # 3580506 


The JAF Major Duke 78 dam came from the famous Wexvale herd that was strong in all Dual Purpose Shorthorn characteristics.  His sire, Thornwood Major had a significant impact on the Shorthorn breed.  JAF Major Duke 78 was the senior sire at the Woodside herd in Pennsylvania for several years producing many winning show and sale Shorthorns.


KC Clipper Duke rear.jpeg

KC Clipper Duke

Registr.  # 3294679             Birth Date:   10/05/1966

          Sire:   CLIPPER KING OF BAPTON   #3166347

          Dam:    JUST DUCHESS     #2883624


He was sired by the famed Clipper King of Bapton bull who reached the unheard weight of over 2600# at the time.  Clipper Duke was a popular bull in the late 60’s because of movement to a larger Shorthorn.


Kenmar Leader 13B.jpg

Kenmar Leader 13B

Registr. # 3464086              Birth date:    (Approx. 1972)

          Sire:    KINNABER LEADER 9TH   # 3457203

          Dam:   KENMAR AUDREY 36Y   # C580609


Kenmar Leader 13B has a fascinating pedigree that brings together much of the great older Shorthorn genetics with his sire being Kinnaber Leader 9th and his dam a daughter of Pleasant Dawn Seal 2nd.  Leader 13B was a large bull.  The Kenmar herd was owned by Harvey Fulton & Sons of Birtle, Manitoba Canada.  It was one of the most famous historic Shorthorn herds in all of Canada producing many influential Shorthorn sires.



Kenmar President 26A

Registr. # 3411494              Birth date:  03/30/1969

          Sire:    KINNABER LEADER 9TH   # 3457203

          Dam:   KENMAR MAYFLOWER 14V  # 3411486


Kenmar President 26A (Maxi-Brute) is another Kinnaber Leader 9th son.  Maxi-Brute’s dam, Kenmar Mayflower 14V, is one of the most famous Shorthorn cows in all of Canada.  Her style and structure have made some say she was a powerful cow that would be cloned if she was alive today.  He was promoted as a muscle bull with a large ribeye.  His popularity as a potential breeding sire is high even today. 


Kinnaber Leader 6th.jpeg

Kinnaber Leader 6th

Registr. # 3425151           Birth Date:   4/19/1965

       Sire:  TPS CORONET LEADER 21ST   #3098353

       Dam:  BUTTE LEE FAIRY 7TH       # C522767


Kinnaber Leader 6th is a Canadian bred bull.  He is a full brother to Kinnaber Leader 9th.  There has been considerable debate about whether Leader 6th or Leader 9th was the better bull.  Leader 6th has had a continuing impact on beef Shorthorns, including current Shorthorns, through his sons.  


Kinnaber Leader 9th (1).jpg

Kinnaber Leader 9th

Registr. # 3457203              Birth date:   06/14/1966

          Sire:    TPS CORONET LEADER 21ST  # 3098353 

          Dam:    BUTTE LEE FAIRY 7TH   # C522767


A really important bull in the development of modern Shorthorns was Kinnaber Leader 9th  Bred by Bob & Wayne Gordon of Souris, Manitoba Canada he was nick named “Big Gene” after Gene McDonald who was a representative of Shorthorn Country and an American Shorthorn Association field representative who loved the bull for his growth.  Several bulls in this section are either sired by the 9th or have him in their pedigree.  The docility, calving ease, and marbling of his offspring are excellent.


La Fraise Duke 3rd.jpg

LaFraise Duke 3rd

Registr. # MS79581            Birth Date:    1963

       Sire:   GIFT'S PROGRESS       # MS2213443 

       Dam:  WARRIOR'S DEWDROP 2D   #2284270 


LaFraise Duke 3rd is the sire of Scottshill Major Clark and grandsire of Clark, Columbus, Thornwood Major, and Spiro.  LaFraise Duke 3rd was a true Dual Purpose Shorthorn that has had a major impact on both the beef and dairy side of Heritage Shorthorns.  LaFraise Duke 3rd influence on the dairy side can be seen through his grandson Nodak’s Kings Tradition.




Lone Pine Grand Society

Registr. # 3522503            Birth date:   (Approx. 1973)

        Sire:    KELSO GRANDMASTER     # A6601734

        Dam:   LONE PINE WAKEFUL 1945TH   #A6500281


Lone Pine Grand Society was an Australian bull.  He was bred by Lone Pines Shorthorns who made significant contributions to the development of many Shorthorn herds including the famous Mandalong Stud. He was brought to the USA by ABS (American Breeders Service). The Lone Pine prefix in Australia is now owned by Spry’s Shorthorns of Australia.


Mandalong Super Elephant.jpeg

Mandalong Super Elephant

Registr. # 3610693           Birth Date:   11/09/1970

       Sire:    ALICE DOWNS KNIGHTLY 28TH    #A671525

       Dam:    MANDALONG MADGE 2ND     # A632477


Mandalong Super Elephant was the Supreme Champion Polled Shorthorn Bull at the 1973 Sydney Royal Easter Show--Australia’s most prestigious Shorthorn Show.  His mature weight was 2735# so he was quite a large bull.  He was used extensively in both the USA and Canada during the 70’s.  His pedigree in many ways complements that of Mandalong Super Flag.  Several Super Elephant sons were used as herd sires in Canada and the USA.


Mandalong Super Flag.jpg

Mandalong Super Flag

Registr. # 3521872             Birth date:  10/02/1971

      Sire:    ALICE DOWNS SUPREME 27TH  #A6701524 

      Dam:    MANDALONG ROANY 20TH   #A681486


Mandalong Super Flag was probably the greatest bull ever to migrate to Canada from Australia.  His influence on Canadian Shorthorn genetics is unparalleled and is demonstrated by how many Canadian Shorthorns have Flag multiple times in their pedigrees.  He was purchased as a 8 month old calf by Dr. G. Carter of Alberta, Canada from Mr. Rick Pisaturo who owned Mandalong Stud in Australia.  As a two year old Flag was shown at The National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado where he was named Supreme Champion Shorthorn—an accomplishment no other foreign bull has ever had.  Because of his size, smoothness, and the quality of his offspring he was a game changer in North American Shorthorn genetics.  He was a bull ahead of his time.  Recently (December, 2016) we had a chance to spend 2 days with Rick Pisaturo.  It was fascinating to listen to him describe the evolvement of Shorthorns in Australia and how he developed Mandalong Shorthorns.  Talk about a history lesson.  He is still “sharp as a tack” at 94.


Meadowb.Ch.9th copy.jpg

Meadowbrook Chieftain 9th

Registr.  ASA# 3540863           AMSS# 329245   

Birth date:  09/01/1966

        Sire:    MEADOWBROOK PREMIER 3D  # M307974 

        Dam:    MEADOWBROOK LASSIE 3D   # M182291


Meadowbrook Chieftain 9th daughters were extremely popular in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s because of their quality udders and milking ability.  His dam, Meadowbrook Lassie 3D was the prototypical Shorthorn cow.  The Clarence Forgey Meadowbrook herd was truly Dual Purpose with some Meadowbrook steers winning carcass championships in Indiana.  A search of native Shorthorn pedigrees will quickly show the influence of Chieftain 9th. 


Meadowbrook Prince 16th.png

Meadowbrook Prince 16th

Registr. # 3594057             Birth Date:  ?

          Sire:     Pride's Top Flight 3D   # P274165

          Dam:   Wexvale Pride's Princess  # x276124


Prince 16th comes from the popular Meadowbrook herd with his dam, Wexvale Pride’s Princess also the dam of Meadowbrook White Cloud 4th.  She was a large cow that was very complete.  Prince’s grand dam, Lakeside Princess 4th was probably the most influential cow in the famed Wexvale herd.


Melbrose Stronghold (1).jpg

Melbros Stronghold

Registr. # 3533466              Birth date:  08/21/1971

Sire:            EVERGREEN GERNER   # C426389

Dam:           MAPLEVILLE WILD MIMOSA 2  # C515047


Melbros Stronghold, otherwise known as “Champagne”,  was a Certified Meat Sire and Sire of the Year in Shorthorns.  His offspring won National Championships in the showing and in carcass contests.  He was the most complete accepted Dual Purpose bull in the breed during the early 1970’s.  His daughters were very thick and fleshy.  He was used extensively in the Windholme herd in Virginia.



Merriwong Smuggler

Registr. # 3522502              Birth date:   09/15/1971

        Sire:    MERIWONG OXLEY  # A6703284

        Dam:    MERIWONG BEATRICE  # A6702551


American Breeders Service (ABS) imported Merriwong Smuggler from Australia for  semen sales.  The Merriwong herd in Australia was very well known and some of their Shorthorns were used in the foundation of the Mandalong Shorthorn herd.  Smuggler was not a large bull but he was balanced.  His pedigree dovetails with many of the better Australian genetics of the time.


Mollie's Defender Adair.png

Mollie’s Defender Adair

Registr. # 3668667            Birth Date:   07/03/1976

         Sire:    DEFENDER MAZENA ADAIR   #3668664

         Dam:     ECHO'S MOLLIE CHERRY   # 3668111


Mollie’s Defender Adair, nicknamed “Surge”, was Supreme Champion bull at the Polled Congress in the early 1980’s.  He sold for $18,500 which was a high price at the time.  He had large body mass with excellent muscling in a frame size that compliments the needs of today’s Shorthorn breeder.



Nelco McLeod

Registr. # 3664994            11/22/1977

      Sire:   HILLTOP LANCER 457   #3573050

     Dam:   NELCO STELLA'S MISSIE 3rd   #3600522


Nelco Mcleod was a long bodied, well muscled bull who produced excellent females.  His dam, Nelco Stella’s Missie 3rd, embodied many of the traits today's Shorthorn breeders are trying to bring back.  She was large volumed with a very feminine look.



Pleasant Dawn Seal 2nd

Registr. # 3358731               Birth date:   05/01/1961

      Sire:    HI WAY ROYAL OAK   # 2893468

      Dam:    PLEASANT DAWN PRINCESS  # C448410


Pleasant Dawn Seal 2nd was bred by Lloyd Hatch of Manitoba Canada.  The Hatch herd was undoubtedly one of the best Shorthorn cow herds in all of Canada for many years.  Seal 2nd was leased for many years to American Breeders Service (ABS).  He was so popular as a sire that there is almost no semen left on him.  His daughters were tremendous brood cows. 


Promise (1).jpg

Promise L Par ’71 2nd  

Registr. # 3471502          Birth Date:   Approx. 1966

         Sire:    LILAC PAR 18TH    #3173717

         Dam:   MAID OF PROMISE H 105TH    #3218801


He was a heavily muscled bull for the time with a frame to match.   He was used extensively in the Stout herd in Oklahoma.  Par ’71 also was well balanced and produced many good females. He traced to Haumont breeding. 


Roan Harvest Duke copy.jpg

Roan Harvest Duke

Registr. # 3557467           Birth date:   04/11/1970

        Sire:   CHARBONEAU HARVEST DUKE  # 336766

        Dam:    RED BIRD LADY 3D   # 311219


Roan Harvest Duke was bred at Gustafson’s Wexvale herd.  Duke comes more from the dairy side of Dual Purpose Shorthorns.  He has an interesting pedigree that traces to some outstanding old Shorthorn cow families.  He was a bull that was safe to use on heifers.


Scottshill Major Clark.jpeg

Scottshill Major Clark

Registr. # 3536807           Birth Date:   9/10/1963

     Sire:  LAFRAISE DUKE 3D     # MS79581 

     Dam:   LADY KIMBERLY    #  MS278298


Scottshill Major Clark was the Junior and Grand Champion bull at the 1965 All American Dairy Show.  He is the sire of Clark, Columbus, Thornwood Major, and Spiro.   Through his sons he has had a tremendous impact on the Shorthorn industry, especially Heritage Shorthorn.


Smallflower Leader 2nd

Registr. # 3407739 Birth Date: 6/6/1968

Sire:  BUTTE LEE LEADER 2ND # CB415930


Smallflower Leader 2nd was a large polled bull (over 3000#) that was raised by W. J. Small & Sons of Canada. He was purchased by KABSU and John Teagardin. The Kansas State Beef Program used him in beef trials and he was used extensively by Leonard Bingham in his breeding program. Smallflower was a “rugged bull” that contrasted in both size and scale with most of the his contemporaries.




Registr. # 3534243              Born 1972

          Sire:     SCOTSHILL MAJOR CLARK    # 3536807

          Dam:    TOMAHAWK FAIR DUCHESS # 3560873

Spiro is a Graham Land & Livestock Co. bull that is a son of Scottshill Major Clark.  Spiro is the sire of such famous bulls as GX Spiro’s Plumber 528X and Mr. Minot.  He also sired two National Champion females.  Spiro’s nickname was Muscle Man because of his record setting rib eye measurements.  He was an extremely popular bull in his time and was used by a large number of Shorthorn breeders.


Spruce Hill Image.jpeg

Spruce Hill Image

Registr. # 3700761            Birth date:  09/05/1979

        Sire:    CROMELLAR IMAGE SEAL   # 3582862

        Dam:    OAK GROVE'S ROSETTE 5   # 3637869


Spruce Hill Image was a white bull that goes back to Canadian Image and Hillview Hobo on his sire’s side and Par Defender on his dam side.  He was a tall bull by most standards, but was a very popular bull for his time.  He is useful in a Dual Purpose Shorthorn breeding program to blend adequate size with other genetic characteristics.


TPS Coronet Leader 21.jpg

TPS Coronet Leader 21st

Registr. # 3098353               Birth date:  10/15/1960

        Sire:    CORONET MAX LEADER   # 2887446

        Dam:    NONPAREIL LADY 163D   # 2906288


TPS Coronet Leader 21st was a large bull in a world dominated at the time by small (belt-buckle) cattle.  He was a stout and thick bull that has sired many famous Shorthorn sires such as Kinnaber Leader 6th and 9th.  His importance to the Shorthorn breed should not be underestimated.  American Breeders Service (ABS) promoted him as a changer bull that would bring the Shorthorn out of the wilderness of small cattle into the world of functional productive cattle.  Leader 21st lead that charge.


Leader 61st.jpg

TPS Coronet Leader 61st

Registr. # 3261776             Birth date:  02/26/1965

      Sire:    CORONET MAX LEADER   # 2887446

      Dam:    ROSEWOOD CORONITA 56TH  #3115123


TPS Leader 61st was half brother to Leader 21st, since Coronet Max Leader was their sire.  What sets him apart is that he is more of a linebred bull.  He was thick with adequate size.  He is not well known in the Shorthorn breed today but he has the potential, with proper matings, to propagate positive old Shorthorn genetics.



Tea for the Tillerman

Registr. # 3582798               Birth date:   07/23/1974

        Sire:    COLUMBUS   # 3540006

        Dam:    PRINCESS ELVA 4TH   # 3540015


Tea for the Tillerman, a Columbus son, was used successfully in the herds of several major USA Shorthorn breeders during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, including the Woodside herd in Pennsylvania.  He was line bred with Scottshill Major Clark on both sides of his pedigree.  He was a large stretchy bull that “brought a lot to the table”.  He added size while maintaining milk and productivity.  


Thornwood Major.png

Thornwood Major

Registr. # 3538036          Birth Date:   01/15/1970

       Sire:     SCOTTSHILL MAJOR CLARK    #3536807

       Dam:    THORNWOOD ROYAL DOT     # 297556


Thornwood Major is another Graham Land & Livestock bull that was used extensively in the 70’s.  He combined muscling with scale, as breeders tried to move beyond the “belt buckle” debacle.  Another important aspect was longevity.  His dam, Thornwood Royal Dot, was flushed at 16 years of age.  Cows with this ability are absent is today’s show-obsessed Shorthorns.


Wexvale Polar Bar.jpeg


Registr. #  3769061               Birth Date:   11/09/1983

     Sire:     MEADOWBROOK PRINCE 16TH    #3594057 

     Dam:    WEXVALE PRINCESS CASSIE      #3562446 


Polar Bar combines the best of Meadowbrook and Wexvale breeding.  His great grandam is Lakeside Princess 4th who was basically the foundationcow for the Wexvale herd of Michigan.  She was purchased at 6 weeks of age and her influence on the Wexvale herd was extensive.  His sire, Meadowbrook Prince 16th, had a long positive track record in the Meadowbrook herd and produced many outstanding offspring.  Polar Bar combines the best of true Dual Purpose Shorthorn breeding.