Historical Shorthorns  1890-1910

Includes:  Choice Goods,  Cumberland,  Gay Monarch,  St. Valentine, Villager,  Whitehall Sultan, and  Young Abbotsburn

CHOICE GOODS    186802 (76350)

Choice Goods copy.jpg

     Born:   April 21, 1899

     Sire:  REMUS 151790 (73402)

     Dam:  GERALDINE 5TH (v46 p450E)


He was bred in Scotland. He was Grand Champion at the 1902 International and the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis in 1904. He proved to be "a remarkably good sire as well as a prizewinner."

Pedig. Choice Goods.png


Cumberland 118578.jpg

     Born:   Oct. 1, 1894

     Sire:   KING JAMES 103902

     Dam:   CLOVER FLOWER v35 p627

He founded a line of Shorthorns in the herd of C.A. Saunders, Manilla, IA, Cumberland Stock Farm which were known as "Cumberland Shorthorns." The name was carried on for several generations through his sons, grandsons and beyond. The Cumberland Shorthorns figured prominently among International and other show winners and top breeding cattle. 

Pedig. Cumberland.png


Gay Monarch 92411 copy.JPG

     Born:  Jan. 26, 1887

     Sire:    WILLIAM OF ORANGE  95736      (50694)

     Dam:    ALEXANDRINA 17TH (v34 p456E)

He was the foundation sire of the J.G. Robbins and Sons herd, Horace, IN, and a prominent show winner weighing 2600 pounds in show ring form. He had the ability to transmit his quality to his progeny, many of which had successes in the show ring.  “He was of the typical low-down, deep bodied, short legged, thick fleshed sort with a superior amount of quality.” 

Pedig. Gay Monarch.png


St. Valentine 121014 copy.jpg

     Born Feb. 14, 1894 

     Sire:   GUARDSMAN 108200

     Dam:   VERBENA'S LADY v39 p682

He was bred by James Gardhouse & Son, Highfield, Ontario, Canada, and he was a top show and breeding bull in the J.G. Robbins & Sons herd. He elevated their herd to one that was considered one of the very best in the nation.  Sire of The Lad for Me, first International Grand Champion bull in 1900 who was also an excellent sire.

Pedig. St. Valentine.png

VILLAGER  295884 (97556)

Villager 295884 copy.jpg

     Born;   March 1, 1906

     Sire:   VILLAGE BEAU 295883 (87631)

     Dam:   ROSY CLOUD (v50 p678E)

A champion in England and noted sire in the herds of  D.R. Hanna, Ravenna, OH and Weaver and Garden, Wapello, IA. Established a line referred to as "Villager cattle" through his progeny. 

Pedig. Villager.png


Whitehall Sultan 163573 copy.JPG

     Born:   Oct. 11, 1900

     Sire:   BAPTON SULTAN 163570 (76083)

     Dam:   BAPTON PEARL v48 p368

His sire was from Bapton Manor in England.  He was considered to be the greatest Shorthorn sire of his time.  Sons and grandsons were influential sires of both Shorthorns and great improvers of Polled Shorthorns (Durhams). He was sire of first prize Get of Sire groups at the 1906, '07 and '08 International.

Pedig. Whitehall Sultan.png


Young Abbotsburn copy.JPG

     Born:   March 2, 1885

     Sire:   ABBOTSBURN 106090

     Dam:   VILLAGE BLOSSOM v28 p1136

Dominant show bull of the early 1890s, and Grand Champion (over all breeds) at the Chicago Columbian Exposition World Fair in 1893.  He weighed 2800 pounds but “his legacy to the breed aside from his show-yard triumphs was not large.”

Pedig. Young Abbotsburn.png