Heritage Shorthorn Society News

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Monthly Update:    April 2018

Interest continues to grow in the Heritage Shorthorn Society.  HSS now has members in seventeen states literally from coast to coast to coast (New York to Florida to California).  In 3 short months HSS has become the face of Heritage “ Native” Shorthorns and created renewed interest in them.  Thanks to all of our members, and please continue to spread the word. Members have the right to use the HSS logo in any of their promotional activities.

A pattern is developing on viewers of the HSS website. We’re seeing that the Breeders Page, Cattle for sale/wanted, and Semen for sale/wanted, in that order, continue to be the most viewed pages on the HSS websites.  Potential buyers of Heritage Shorthorns are now consistently migrating to the HSS website to find information on who has what for sale in their part of the country. There are now only 2 states (New Hampshire and Hawaii) where individuals have not searched the HSS website.   Spring is right around the corner with calves being born, and last year’s heifers & bulls maturing.  Farmers and ranchers are starting to think about purchasing livestock & semen for this year.   Remember, posting classified ads on the HSS website is free to members.

Check out the Photo Contest as there are now many entries.  It runs until July 1st so there is still plenty of time to submit photos.  We encourage you to look through family photo albums for interesting “historical” pictures to submit.  We may split the contest into 2 categories—historical and current, with a prize for each.

HSS has eliminated its Facebook and Instagram accounts for various reasons.  You can continue to follow HSS on Twitter.


Monthly Update:    March 2018

The first annual HSS Photo Contest is now up and running.  View the rules on the HSS Photo Contest Page.  Great way for breeders to get their name “out there” and show off both their photo skills and their ShorthornsThe interest in the Heritage Shorthorn Society, during its first 2 months, has been nothing short of amazing.  Through February 28th the HSS website has been visited by people from 44 states and 17 foreign countries.  Given the international interest in HSS an International Membership has been added.  The HSS website is now ranked #1 in the world for anyone searching for Heritage “Native” Shorthorns.  The Heritage Shorthorn Breeder’s page continues to be the most popular page visited.  It’s surprising how many people who no longer own Shorthorns have become members—they just love Heritage Shorthorns and want to support HSS in its goal of promoting these cattle. Thanks to everyone for their support, especially those who have added logos and ads on the HSS website.

The addition of the “Classic Bulls” page this month has proved very popular.  This section will be greatly expanded in the future.  HSS members may submit requests to add specific pre-1975 bulls and HSS will to try to find information and pictures on them.  The ongoing addition of Shorthorn information to the HSS website is a part of the goal to make as much information available to both current and prospective Heritage Shorthorn breeders as possible. An HSS member has come forward offering us extensive historical information on Shorthorns.  More on this will be forthcoming in the next few months.

Look for the HSS ad in the spring issue of the Milking Shorthorn Journal.  An updated HSS ad will also be featured in the Herd Bull edition of Shorthorn Country.  We plan to expand the advertising outreach for Heritage Shorthorns over the next year to help make the cattle industry aware of “What Heritage Shorthorns Can Do For You”. 

The Livestock Conservancy is now using the “Heritage” Shorthorn name, rather than “Native” Shorthorn.  HSS and the American Milking Shorthorn Society are now listed by the Livestock Conservancy as the primary Heritage/Native Shorthorn reference sources.

Note:  Free non-member listings on the HSS Breeder’s page will end July 1st.  Only HSS members will be listed after that date.  We encourage all Heritage “Native” Shorthorn breeders to get on board to help us actively promote Heritage Shorthorns. 


Monthly Update:   February 2018

The Heritage Shorthorn Society (HSS) is off to an excellent start.  During its first month of existence (January 2018) the HSS website had viewers from 28 states, and surprisingly, from 9 foreign countries—all without any advertising.  The most viewed page was the breeders page.  A Breeder Listing and HSS membership are now available to International Heritage Breeders.

Watch for the ads that HSS will be sponsoring in the February issue of “Shorthorn Country” and the spring issue of the “Milking Shorthorn Journal”.

Many people have taken advantage of the HSS charter membership phase.  Charter membership (which includes a free HSS mug) will be available until July 1, 2018.  Anyone joining after July 1st will be a full member of HSS, but will not be a “charter member”.  Thanks to all our new members for supporting the work of HSS.

Look for an announcement in the March Update about an upcoming HSS photo contest that will be open to anyone with an interest in Shorthorns.

A new book has been added to the References/Books page:  "Shorthorns in the 20th Century    UK and Ireland"   by John Wood-Roberts, 2005.        An extremely well written book with emphasis on Shorthorns in the UK and Ireland.  Contains wonderful historical pictures along with some unique tables, such as “Breeds or Types That Have Evolved From Shorthorns”.  This book mainly follows the dairy side of Shorthorns but is still an excellent reference book.


MOnthly Update:   January 2018

The new Heritage Shorthorn Society, and its website, dedicated to the Preservation, Production, and Promotion of Heritage Shorthorns was launched on January 1, 2018.

All members of the American Milking Shorthorn Society who are listed on the AMSS website as breeding Native (Heritage) Shorthorns have been mailed a letter informing them that they have a free listing in the Breeders Directory on the Heritage Shorthorn Society website.  If necessary, the breeder information can be changed by contacting our HSS office.

HSS has placed an ad in the “Shorthorn Country”, which will be in the February, 2018 Issue

HSS has placed an ad in the “Livestock Conservancy Newsletter” that will be in their Winter Issue.