Heritage Shorthorn Society News

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Monthly HIghlights: Feb. 2019

The Heritage Shorthorn Society is instituting a new feature on our website called “Spotlight on Members”. One member ranch/farm will be featured each quarter to highlight a cross section of our members (some who are relatively new to Shorthorns and some who have had Shorthorns for multiple generations) to show the appeal and adaptability of Heritage Shorthorns. This new feature is currently located just above the Membership Page. The first members in this new feature are Dave & Diane Robertson located in Crocker, Missouri.

The Cattle Viewpoints Page has been moved higher in the website page listings and is now just above the Heritage Breeders Page.

Monthly Highlights: Jan. 2019

As HSS celebrates its first year of existence it might be worthwhile reviewing how far HSS has come during this past year. The HSS website has been viewed by individuals from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and over 60 countries with Canada, Australia, and the UK having the highest number of non-U.S. viewers. The HSS website is currently on the first page of web search results for people inquiring about Heritage or Native Shorthorn cattle. Ads promoting Heritage “Native” Shorthorns have been run in several publications with more to come. HSS has utilized several other venues to get information out to cattle breeders about Heritage Shorthorns and about the breeders who produce them. A large number of Shorthorn cattle have been sold through the HSS website ads and we hope this will continue.

A variety of new features were added to the website in 2018 with the most prominent being Dr. Bert Moore’s section highlighting historically important bulls & some cows, and including their extended pedigrees. He continues to add more bulls, so be sure to check his section periodically. (There is now a slightly different order of pages on the HSS website to make it more intuitive, and the heading for Dr. Moore’s section is “Historical Shorthorns”.)

Moving forward HSS is adding more new features to the HSS website. The first new 2019 feature is the “Cattle Viewpoints” section where interesting and informative articles will be presented on a bi-monthly basis. These articles will be authored by a variety of people and should be of interest to everyone. The first article, written by Roy Lovaas, is now on the website under the heading of “Cattle Viewpoints”, located just above “Monthly Highlights”.

A second new 2019 feature, offered quarterly starting in February, will be an interview style article featuring individual HSS members. Several members have asked for this feature so HSS has decided to move forward with it. Further details will be provided when the first member interview is featured next month.

Monthly Highlights: Dec. 2018

HSS ordered a second batch of 2019 calendars and currently we have a limited number still for sale. As a Xmas gift the HSS calendar will bring a smile to anyone’s face. The calendars can be ordered online via the Store Page, or by sending a note and check by mail. ($14.75/ calendar includes mailing costs.)

Starting in 2019 HSS will be initiating 2 different new online feature pages. The first one starting in January will feature articles about different aspects of the Heritage Shorthorn and cattle business written by prominent cattlemen. The second one starting in February will showcase individual Heritage Shorthorn Society members and how they are using heritage genetics in their cattle operations.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 1.50.41 PM.png

Check out the changing ads on the Cattle For Sale section. As HSS has grown so has the interest in the Cattle For Sale section. Remember members have free classified listings and will receive nationwide exposure for their sale Shorthorns.

HSS wants to thank all of our members for their support and words of encouragement during this first year for HSS. Without your support we would not be able to maintain the website and promote these terrific cattle. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

Monthly Highlights: Nov. 2018

The HSS custom calendars for 2019 are finally a reality. They are full size (81/2” x 11”), full color, spiral bound wall calendars which feature both historic and modern Shorthorn themed photos. The photos in this year’s inaugural calendar include many which were submitted by HSS members to the HSS Photo Contest. Photos include ones submitted by the following people:

Chris & Serena Blotter, Rich & Katie Forrest, John Hendrickson, Winifred Hoffman, Ralph Larson, Bert Moore, Dave & Diane Robertson, Joe Schallberger, Marcia Shaver, Stanley Ward, Katie & Shaun White

The pages in this calendar are guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face. The pictures below are a few sample pages from this 2019 Calendar.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 7.31.31 PM.png

All of the labor to design, format, & order these calendars was donated, so the price of the calendars reflects an amount barely over the total production and shipping costs. The calendars can be ordered for $14.75 each via the HSS online Store Page with payment online, or ordered via an email request to the HSS office, with payment by a mailed check.

This is also a good time to order Heritage Shorthorn vests, sweatshirts, and tote bags from the HSS Store page so they will arrive in time for Christmas gifts. All profits from the Store sales are dedicated to the HSS fund for running national Heritage Shorthorn promotional ads.

Many new ads have been posted in the last month on the various HSS Ads Pages. These pages continue to be the focal point of many visitors to the HSS website. Thanks to the increasing number of paid Breeder Ads, HSS expects to expand its national advertising budget for Heritage Shorthorns in 2019.

On January 1, 2019 HSS will publish the first of what will be bimonthly articles about different aspects of the Heritage Shorthorn business written by prominent cattlemen. We are excited about this new endeavor and believe members will find the articles quite interesting.

Monthly Highlights: Oct. 2018

HSS apologizes for not publishing this month’s update on October 1st but we ran into computer problems while traveling abroad and could not get the Monthly Update to upload properly.

The HSS 2019 Calendar will be available to order starting Nov. 1st. We will have sample pages and pricing available at that time.

This is a good time of the year to order Heritage Shorthorn vests, sweatshirts, &/or tote bags as a Christmas gift for yourself or for someone else who is passionate about Shorthorns. Visit the HSS Store Page to see what is available for colors & sizes. Remember, all proceeds go into the HSS advertising budget for national promotion of Heritage Shorthorns.

HSS has contracted with Progressive Cattleman Magazine to run an ad next spring to promote Heritage Shorthorns to commercial cattle breeders. We believe this will be the first ad run in this magazine by any Shorthorn organization. It reaches over 55,000 cattlemen every month across the USA. HSS is currently looking at additional advertising venues and we will have further information in the coming months. HSS believes advertising is key to attracting new buyers of Heritage Shorthorns. We want to again thank members who are buying paid advertising on the HSS website as this is allowing HSS to get the word out on how Heritage Shorthorns can be incorporated into a variety of cattle operations.

Several other projects are in the works at HSS which will be announced in the next 2-3 months —these should benefit members and hopefully encourage sales of Heritage Shorthorns.

Monthly highlights: Sept. 2018

HSS is seeing a shift in the demographics of visitors to the website.  Even more visitors to the website are focusing on the Cattle for Sale and Breeder’s Ads pages.  As the fall cattle selling season unfolds, list your Shorthorns for sale on the HSS website (free to members) so you can receive the national exposure which HSS provides.

For those not familiar with “The Shorthorn World” magazine it was the precursor of the current “Shorthorn Country” magazine now published through the American Shorthorn Association.  What set “The Shorthorn World” apart from many current Shorthorn publications was the numerous articles included in each issue that discussed all aspects of raising Shorthorns.  Most of the articles were written by Shorthorn breeders and contained helpful information that the average breeder could use.  Starting January 1, 2019 as an additional service to Shorthorn breeders and in the tradition of “Shorthorn World” HSS will be initiating bi-monthly articles written by prominent Shorthorn breeders on topics relevant to most HSS members.

Bert Moore is continuing to add information in the Shorthorn History Section.

HSS is creating a 2019 wall calendar which highlights interesting “old time” and “modern” Shorthorn pictures.  It includes photos submitted by many of our members.  It will be available for purchase later this fall.  Details to follow in next month’s update.


Monthly highlights: August 2018

The winners of the HSS 2018 Photo Contest are Winifred Hoffman for the Classic photo “Young Breeders Assess a Calf”, and Ralph Larson for his Current/Modern photo “Big Sky Country”

We had lots of comments on how difficult it was for members to choose favorites because such a variety of good ones had been submitted.  Some were picturesque, some were cute, some had very clever captions, and many showed a variety of ways that Shorthorn cattle enrich our lives.  Thanks again to everyone who submitted photos and to members who took the time to send in their votes.

Bert Moore is continuing to contribute installments to the “Historic Shorthorns” section of the HSS website—be sure to check this section periodically to read what has been added.

Promoting your cattle: Currently the “Cattle for Sale” Page, “Heritage Breeders” Page and “Breeder Ads” Page are the most often visited pages on the HSS website.  If you have Shorthorn cattle or semen to sell, send us the information for posting one or more classified ads on our website—this advertising is free for members.  Pictures of the cattle for sale can be added for $8/photo, to help catch buyer’s attention.  The Breeders Ads Page is an inexpensive way to reach a national audience of people who are interested in Heritage Shorthorn cattle, to promote your herd and to highlight the type of cattle that you raise—contact the HSS office for more information.

There have been additional Heritage/Native semen codes listed on the Semen Code page in the References Section to help in identifying Heritage/Native semen that you may have in your tanks.  We do encourage all cattle breeders to have their semen tanks inventoried since there are breeders who are interested in purchasing semen on a variety of old Shorthorn bulls.  If you have Heritage/Native semen to sell, list it for free on our Semen for Sale page.


Monthly Highlights:   July 2018

HSS is proud to announce the expansion of the HSS website with the inclusion of a new section called "Historic Shorthorns" that is being authored by Dr. Bert Moore.  It will include pictures, pedigrees, and information on historically important Shorthorns over the past 120+ years.  There will be installments periodically over the next year.  The introduction and first installment (1890-1910) are now on the HSS website in the Shorthorn History section.   We believe this will be of interest to all Shorthorn Breeders whether they are members of HSS or not.

The HSS “Classic Bull” section (which covers bulls born from 1950 to 1985) has been refined. It is now also located in the Shorthorn History section.  Several additional bulls will be added over the next couple of months as information becomes available.  

HSS is still trying to gather semen code information on Heritage/Native bulls for the Reference Section, and we would appreciate any help from cattle breeders.

The Photo Contest is now closed and ballots are being sent to all HSS members for voting on favorites.  Winners will be announced in the August Update.  If you haven’t looked at the photos lately there were several recent entries in both categories.

The HSS ad highlighting Heritage Shorthorn genetics (see copy of ad in the June update below) will be published next week in the July Herd Issue of Shorthorn Country.

Several new ads have been placed on the HSS website over the last month.  We encourage members to send us classified ads for free posting on our website because of the expanding interest by buyers looking to purchase Heritage/Native Shorthorn cattle or semen.   HSS continues to hear about successful sales that members are having through contacts made via the HSS website.

The Heritage Breeders Page has been updated.  Some HSS members do not currently have Heritage Shorthorns, and have opted not to be listed on the Breeders Page.


Monthly Highlights:   June 2018

The Livestock Conservancy announced their official name change of Native Shorthorns to Heritage Shorthorns (Native).  The Livestock Conservancy states “This new name accurately reflects the breed’s history in the United States and its value for meat, milk, and draft purposes.”  The Livestock Conservancy quarterly magazine also ran an article on the Heritage Shorthorn Society, creating a surge in viewership of  the HSS website.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 9.20.42 AM.png

HSS will have an ad in the July issue of “Shorthorn Country” promoting Heritage Shorthorns.  To the right is a preview of the upcoming ad.  Shorthorn Country was picked for the ad simply because of demographics.  We have seen 10X the increase of page viewership from ads in Shorthorn Country as compared to ads in the Milking Shorthorn Journal—simply “more bang for the HSS buck”.   HSS has plans to run ads in several different publications in 2019 to expand interest In Heritage Shorthorns.  Membership fees provide HSS with the funds to promote Heritage Shorthorns.  

After June 30th anyone who is not a paid member of HSS will no longer be listed in the Breeders Directory.  The Breeders Directory and the Cattle for Sale pages continue to be the most visited pages on the HSS website, with steadily increasing viewership.  There have been many Heritage cattle sold because of HSS listings and many breeders are now sold out of Heritage Shorthorns for this year.  If you have Heritage Shorthorns or Heritage Semen for sale, post a classified ad since everyday there are potential buyers looking on the HSS website.

Photo Contest submissions end on June 30th so get your entries in if you want a chance to win.  The photos will be voted on in July by HSS members and the winners will be announced in the August 1 Update.

Additional “Classic” Bulls and more reference Semen Codes have been added.


Monthly Highlights:  May 2018 

HSS has many new members—check out the Breeders Page.  

Small changes were made to the HSS mission statement because of the increasing interest of Shorthorn breeders who are utilizing Heritage Shorthorn genetics in their breeding programs but who may not be producing “N” registered Heritage Shorthorns.  Heritage Shorthorn genetics can play an important role in modern purebred Shorthorn and commercial cattle operations.

New ads have been posted in the classified section of the HSS website—these ad pages get tremendous national exposure.  Sales have already occurred as a result of ads placed on the HSS website.  Contact the HSS office to place your classified ad on cattle or semen that you have for sale.   Also consider placing a breeder ad to promote/highlight your herd.  

hss small logo.jpeg

To the right is a down loadable HSS logo that any member can use on their website or in advertising.  By utilizing the HSS logo members are introducing more cattle breeders to Heritage Shorthorns (HS).  The more visibility that can be created for HS the more sales for everyone.  It also shows a commitment to helping Heritage Shorthorns assert their rightful place in the cattle industry.

April was a banner month in new HSS memberships.  The growth of HSS continues to exceed expectations.  HSS was again mentioned on Steer Planet and it resulted in a tremendous surge in viewership of HSS’s website, particularly the Breeders page.

All future advertising in cattle magazines paid for by HSS will focus on the merits of Heritage Shorthorns.  Initially HSS had to get the word out letting the cattle industry know that the Heritage Shorthorn Society existed, but now we can work on promoting the significant contributions that HS can make to cattle breeding programs.


Monthly Highlights:    April 2018

Interest continues to grow in the Heritage Shorthorn Society.  HSS now has members in seventeen states literally from coast to coast to coast (New York to Florida to California).  In 3 short months HSS has become the face of Heritage “ Native” Shorthorns and created renewed interest in them.  Thanks to all of our members, and please continue to spread the word. Members have the right to use the HSS logo in any of their promotional activities.

A pattern is developing on viewers of the HSS website. We’re seeing that the Breeders Page, Cattle for sale/wanted, and Semen for sale/wanted, in that order, continue to be the most viewed pages on the HSS websites.  Potential buyers of Heritage Shorthorns are now consistently migrating to the HSS website to find information on who has what for sale in their part of the country. There are now only 2 states (New Hampshire and Hawaii) where individuals have not searched the HSS website.   Spring is right around the corner with calves being born, and last year’s heifers & bulls maturing.  Farmers and ranchers are starting to think about purchasing livestock & semen for this year.   Remember, posting classified ads on the HSS website is free to members.

Check out the Photo Contest as there are now many entries.  It runs until July 1st so there is still plenty of time to submit photos.  We encourage you to look through family photo albums for interesting “historical” pictures to submit.  We may split the contest into 2 categories—historical and current, with a prize for each.

HSS has eliminated its Facebook and Instagram accounts for various reasons.  You can continue to follow HSS on Twitter.


Monthly Highlights:    March 2018

The first annual HSS Photo Contest is now up and running.  View the rules on the HSS Photo Contest Page.  Great way for breeders to get their name “out there” and show off both their photo skills and their Shorthorns. The interest in the Heritage Shorthorn Society, during its first 2 months, has been nothing short of amazing.  Through February 28th the HSS website has been visited by people from 44 states and 17 foreign countries.  Given the international interest in HSS an International Membership has been added.  The HSS website is now ranked #1 in the world for anyone searching for Heritage “Native” Shorthorns.  The Heritage Shorthorn Breeder’s page continues to be the most popular page visited.  It’s surprising how many people who no longer own Shorthorns have become members—they just love Heritage Shorthorns and want to support HSS in its goal of promoting these cattle. Thanks to everyone for their support, especially those who have added logos and ads on the HSS website.

The addition of the “Classic Bulls” page this month has proved very popular.  This section will be greatly expanded in the future.  HSS members may submit requests to add specific pre-1975 bulls and HSS will to try to find information and pictures on them.  The ongoing addition of Shorthorn information to the HSS website is a part of the goal to make as much information available to both current and prospective Heritage Shorthorn breeders as possible. An HSS member has come forward offering us extensive historical information on Shorthorns.  More on this will be forthcoming in the next few months.

Look for the HSS ad in the spring issue of the Milking Shorthorn Journal.  An updated HSS ad will also be featured in the Herd Bull edition of Shorthorn Country.  We plan to expand the advertising outreach for Heritage Shorthorns over the next year to help make the cattle industry aware of “What Heritage Shorthorns Can Do For You”. 

The Livestock Conservancy is now using the “Heritage” Shorthorn name, rather than “Native” Shorthorn.  HSS and the American Milking Shorthorn Society are now listed by the Livestock Conservancy as the primary Heritage/Native Shorthorn reference sources.

Note:  Free non-member listings on the HSS Breeder’s page will end July 1st.  Only HSS members will be listed after that date.  We encourage all Heritage “Native” Shorthorn breeders to get on board to help us actively promote Heritage Shorthorns.